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Crisis Management Begins With Training

The ReACT program is a holistic approach in educating everyone how to minimize risk and respond with a Survivor’s Mindset. Our proven video training platform provides truly engaging information.

Customized Flexibility for Businesses

Employee Rollout Plan

Communication is essential. We provide built in tools for your company wide training roll out. From uploading your training roster to running reports, we help you accomplish your roll out in just a few short steps. No guess work.

Cloud Managed
Centralized Management

Tracking employee training progess is a piece of cake. Customized dashboards show companywide initiatives regardless where training takes place. Home office, & satellite locations, can all be managed online.

Detailed Reporting

Reporting is customized to fit your style. Reports are at your fingertips with the automatic data capturing feature of the system. You have immediate visibility at both micro and macro levels.

Employee Compatability

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device. It fits all work and lifestyle requirements. Training can go on anywhere you have access to the Internet. This flexibility is proven to increase rentention and engagement.

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Compliance Completion

Run reports on training progress for groups, individuals, departments. Visually see training progress and testing results for every user. Immediately identify certificates completed and outstanding. Run percentage completion reports for accountability.

Testing Troubleshooting

Report can show the time it took an employee to take the exam with additional metrics for each of the seven training modules. Identify problems or snags employees may be having for training documentation.

Milestone Mission

Use our integrated reporting suite to provide an after action report for senior management, on the results, benefits, opportunities, & more to mitigate potential risk and identify weak links in the company’s overall crisis management strategy.

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