How We Train You to React, Escape, Survive... ™

Educational-Entertainment (edu-tainment) Videos

Video training designed to present information in a vibrant, engaging, & interactive way. Learn about how React, Escape, Survive... ™ can help save your life in an active shooter event.


Structured to Fit Your Learning Style

Our training is designed for all learning types. You set the pace. Stop, Start, Return. You set your schedule, you decide. Unlimited review before, during and after the test.

Improve Your Understanding Naturally

Get feedback on how you can improve your ability to React, Escape, Survive... ™. We provide graded results for all testing and is targeted to help you understand common mistakes, & dangerous pitfalls.


Certificate of Completion

The ReACT program is designed to help people respond appropriately in the event of an active shooter event. Upon successful completion of the training program you have the option to download a certificate; showing that you understand the principles of React, Escape, Survive... ™

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need software?

No. Watch from your computer, tablet or mobile device. The ReACT program can be accessed anywhere in the world that has Internet access. To get started, create your account. Next, click the person icon at the top right of the site and logon. You will be ready to begin Module 1.

I am an individual?

Select the Personal Account Plan. This provides unlimited access to the seven training modules. You control the pace. Stop and Start whenever you want. When you complete the seven modules (video and exams) you will receive a Certificate of Completion with your name. This is a single user account.

I am a business or non-profit?

If you wish to provide multiple employees with training, choose the corporate package. Create & manage multiple accounts. Includes built in tracking on each individual user for accountability and reporting. Management can log user progress. Customized reporting is included.

How do I earn a Certificate of Completion?

A Certificate of Completion is given when all seven training modules are completed. Each module comprises of an 8-10 minute video and an exam testing knowledge from the video. Certificates of Completion can be printed and downloaded for reporting, accountability and documentation.

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