What would you do if you heard a gunshot?


Active Countermeasure Training

We cover everything you need to know to survive an active shooter scenario.

We provide dedicated interactive online training in an engaging way, available online & across all your devices. Finally an Active Assailant training program that delivers the entertaining dynamics of Hollywood with the serious life saving expertise from former top level government experts involved in protecting high level public officials and our nation against Active Shooter events.


“When seconds count do you have a plan to React, Escape and Survive?”

We believe everyone should understand what to do in the event of an active shooter. From 2000 to 2008 there were 47 identified active shooter events. From 2009 to 2012 there were 63 events 3 times as many per-year as the previous decade. & in 2014 alone there were 19 active shooter incidents, nearly half occurred in the workplace. Those events resulted in 208 injured & 68 fatalities.


Active Shooter Education Should Be Free

We Believe That It Is Critical For Everyone To Watch This Training.

We've decided to host the video learning portion of our training on YouTube so that it can be available for as many people as possible.

If you are a business or corporation who would like to provide this training as a service to your employees, we also offer an online testing & reporting system that lets you train, & certify your employee's in active shooter preparedness. To find out how you can meet your OSHA obligations, contact our team here: Contact Us

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Chespeake production company creates video that teaches people what to do in an active shooter scenario

By Janie Bryant
Virginian-Pilot correspondent
© October 11, 2015

The news accounts of mass shootings are becoming all too familiar across the country, and most recently at a community college in Oregon.

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*This training is provided free as a public service. If you are a business or organization looking for corporate training please contact us. These resources may not be used in “for-profit” training.

- the ReACT Team

Trusted Education & Training:

“This training helps you learn what to do in the 14 minutes before police get there. Have a plan, React - Escape - Survive.”

Mr. Bill Gage
Former U.S. Secret Service

“We cannot rely on the stupidity of our enemies, because our enemies are resourceful, they're bright and fight unfairly.”

Mr. Dave “Bo” Bolgiano
Attorney / Author

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Proven Expertise

Our training is provided by Subject Matter Experts from the United States Secret Service, Department of Defense, USASOC Behavioral Science, Law Enforcement, and Legal Counsel — bringing decades of front line experience in training active shooter defense.

Mr. Bill Gage
Former U.S. Secret Service
Mr. Chris Grollnek
Nationally Recognized Active Shooter Prevention Expert
Mr. Dave “Bo” Bolgiano
Attorney / Author
Mr. Bill Worth
Certified Firearms Instructor